Friday, August 21, 2009

Long Cruise 2009

Scouts aboard: Alexei, Augustus, , Daniel, David, Devin, Eric, Jonathan, Rebecca, Sarah.
Adults: Commodore Yeckley, Skipper Shay, Mate Enright

Between 8/2/09 and 8/8/09 members of Ship 7916 spent 6 nights and 7 days aboard the Sea Scout Training Vessel der PeLiKan, cruising the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Scouts took turns holding posts of varying responsibility, from head cleaner to Galley Chief and Galley Slave to navigator, lookout and pilot, to Boatswain of the Day.

Highights included weathering 4 storms in the first day, a visit to the US Coast Guard station at St. Inigoes, MD, a successful "man overboard" drill, having a swim and ice cream the night we tied up at Oxford, having a ship swim and cookout at Herrington Harbour South Marina, anchoring out on the Wye River, sleeping on deck when weather permitted, and having a gourmet breakfast on Saturday morning.

The best part for me was when the scouts showed me they are capable of being an effective team when we needed to make an emergency boat repair--and now I expect that from them forevermore.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Long Cruise Quotes

Here are some of the quotes from the first four days of long cruise. (Names of all parties involved are replaced with nicknames.) These quotes are in no particular order. More quotes to come later. (This is about four pages worth.)

"They're normal, we're Sea Scouts." - Moneybags

"Homeschoolers can sleep for twelve hours, then do schoolwork." - Person #1

"Shultz is going to throw things at you." "What did you call me?" "Bigfoot..." - Lego and Bigfoot

"I'm just going to sit here because I'm comfortable." - Bigfoot

"The cereal needs more sugar." - C

"Scribbles is going to be in charge of cleaning the deck. You'll have to come back on Sunday." "I'll be in Boston." "That's your problem." - Bigfoot and Scribbles

"That was a good dream?" "It was a good nightmare." - Admin and Lego

"Today is sailing to nowhere, no civilization." - Admin

"It wasn't terribly comfortable. You had to wake up and squiggle around." - Person #1

"Person #1, always wet." - Admin

"It's dry?" "Yes, it's dry." "Are you eating dry oatmeal?" "No, I'm waiting for the water to get hot." - Bigfoot, Lego and C

"This boat's always right on the edge." - Money Bags

"Moneybags would say 'delegate someone'." - Admin

"You're fish bait." "I'm fish bait." - Bigfoot and Fish Bait

"The bosun can work and supervise, but if he can't supervise while he works, he shouldn't work." - The Big Cheese

"If you break the Commodore's sunglasses..." "I'll think of something." - Bigfoot and The Big Cheese

"She never put salt in my juice anymore." - The Big Cheese

"Dead fish." - Lego

"You can't navigate through a mine field. Just drive." - Bigfoot

"The water goes that way." "It always goes that way." - Lego and Bigfoot

"Boating through crab pots is fun." "No it's not." - Lego and Bigfoot

"He did not totally check it." - Lego

"Living in a tilted light house will be fun. The staircase would be hell." - Bigfoot

"The stupid great blue heron gets caught." - Admin

"Lego, Red 12 A." - Fish Bait

"No one would want to trust this crew if..." - Admin

"Want to ring the bell each time the clock goes off?" - Admin

"At least I didn't call her Stella." - Money Bags

"Michael wants to be a Sea Scout, right?" "No." - Money Bags and Mr F.

"She's got an obsessive compulsive disorder." - Admin

"What is this motley crew?" - Money Bags

"1942 left water in the bottom." - Money Bags

"Watch out for the orange things covered in maggots." - Money Bags

"Sorry the batteries aren't charging. We think we broke it. 1942." - Bigfoot

"Get some of those quotes and put them on her shirt." - Moneybags

"I don't know, she didn't learn." - Admin

"We're going west, going west, going west, then turning slightly and going west." - Bigfoot

"We can just tack back and forth for two hours." - Moneybags

"Is there a point when we can get out of your navigation and sail around?" "No." - Admin and Bigfoot

"It wasn't long cruise. No papers to file, no watches, no BSA rules. They were both sailing grandmas." - Moneybags

"Senior moments already." - Money Bags

"Five-year-olds warp your brain." "Teenagers warp your brain." - Person #1 and Money Bags

"Before I met you, I was normal." - Moneybags

"Define normal." "It's a setting on the washing machine." - Fish Bait and Moneybags

"Hopping across the floor." - Moneybags

"All you have to do is attach a line to you and swim." "Until the jelly fish sting and you swell up into a big welt." - Fish Bait and Admin

"Half the junk food." - Admin

"Hamburgers, hot dogs, junk food." - Moneybags

"Lots and lots of beans. You'll be sleeping on deck for the next two nights." - Money Bags

"And you thought Girl Scouts were silly." "Girl Scouts are the silliest things." - Money Bags and Bigfoot

"Friendly, Friendlier, Friendliest patch." "Don't forget the cake decorating." - Bigfoot and Money Bags

"That's why, it's a bunch of teenagers." - Money Bags

"This boat can really use a cleaning before we get to the pool." - Money Bags

"Instead of swimming, we can do school of the ship." - Money Bags

"Yeah!" - Fish Bait

"If it goes over the side, you'd better be hanging on to it." - The Big Cheese

"There's a button that says 16." - Bigfoot

"It's like paying rent for a house, except it's rent for a boat." - Lego

"I'm trying to gross people out by my exciting eating habits." - Lego

"It's quite late, it's a quarter of seven." - Admin

"She's writing at two quotes a minute." - Person #1

"When he says a stupid...comment, you should jump overboard and see what Moneybags says." - Admin

"60?" - Person #1

"Scribbles, hold your hands out." - Bigfoot

"Imagine how many pairs of feet have been on this?" - Person #2

"It's hotter than me." - Shultz

"It was off, he couldn't make a call." - C

"Let's listen in on him." - C

"Um, over." - Fish Bait

"They're being monitored." - Admin

"Negative, we have not made a reservation." - Fish Bait

"Roger that, over." - Fish Bait

"She looked like she wanted to slug you." - Money Bags

"If The Big Cheese goes swimming, you've got to make sure he has a sploosh." - Money Bags

"Scribbles, are you going to have a heart attack?" "Is she laughing or having a seizure?" - C and Fish Bait

"What's the highest level?" "Painting your nails." - Bigfoot and Money Bags

"I've got it! I've got it!" - Bigfoot

"Yeah, I hit him in the face." - Fish Bait

"1942 left all their old food on board." "Including an old egg roll." - C and Scribbles

"It takes 100,000 volts to kill you." - Schultz

"What were you doing with your hands inside a lawn mower?" - C

"Where are we going to find line on a sailboat?" - Bigfoot

"That was your dinner, you just missed it." - Mr F.

"Did you hear it scream ' Help me, help me!'?" - Money Bags

"Have you cut up a pineapple before?" - Bigfoot

"How can you tell?" "Thunk Test" - Person #1 and Bigfoot

"Are there any actual knives on board?" - Bigfoot

"That one doesn't go on the website." - Money Bags

"So the skull and cross bones water bottle is yours?" - Bigfoot

"That's our intention." - Money Bags

"Yes, do that until your knuckles start bleeding." - C

"There's no standing on the table." - Money Bags

"There's no dancing on the table." - Admin

"There's a bald eagle over there." "Thank you miss ADD." - C and Bigfoot

"She's a bird freak." - Money Bags

"Trash, smash it." "If you can crush it, crush it." - C and Bigfoot

"Be nice to the chief when you're a slave. They'll get you back." - Money Bags

"Mr Strawberry Ice Cream." - Money Bags

"A bowl of poop soup." - Money Bags

"A chain the skipper beats us with." - Bigfoot

"Notebook overboard." - Mr F

"You don't have enough paper missy." "50 pages" - Money Bags and Scribbles

"They're my friends, they don't sting me." - Money Bags

"How do you show someone how to use the head?" - Person #2

"No lollipop sticks." - Money Bags

"That gets the pen out of her hand." - Money Bags

"Drenched, soggy, soaked." - Money Bags

"How many Sea Scouts does it take to close the door?" "Nine, but it just needs to slam." - Money Bags and Admin

"Caitlin's 19, so I can't be her friend." - Money bags

"That's why it's a bunch of teenagers." - Money Bags

"Just take him to Minnesota." - Money Bags

"Bubba, what are you doing down below? Come up while we're still sailing." - Money Bags

"I never would. I've have sips, and it's yucky." - C

"We have to get a van like 548." "Newer." - Money Bags and Admin

"Boys are so dumb, they hit each other and go 'Ouch'." - C

"Boys are only dumb when they're drunk." - Bigfoot

"Better than a sharp stick in the eye, right?" - Money Bags

"We can go ashore and start doing car washes." - Fish Bait

"We should have stayed there longer." "Forever." - Fish Bait and Money Bags

"A study of the algae?" - Lego

"Google Maps are awesome." - Money Bags

"I believe when I went into the galley, I was a little distracted." - Person #1

"That's the true stuff of someone, if they can eat that and not get sick." - Bigfoot

"He doesn't want us to talk about W-I-N-D." - Lego

"I smelled every inch of the business end at least." - Money Bags

"I deny everything." - Money Bags

"Sploosh! That's our motto." - Person # 1

"1, 2, 3, 4, 17..." - Admin

"I got to watch my friend set his face on fire." - Bigfoot

"Candy bar overload. Caramel, chocolate, peanuts." - Money Bags

"Now what are you writing?" - Money Bags

"Two spoons, two forks, a spork and a knife." - Person #1

"There's no stopping her." - Lego

"Lash ourselves to the mast. Hang on." - Money bags

"Every time you write something down, you giggle." - Money Bags

"Whoever's hat this is, I'm going to throw it on the floor." - C

"Daniel, you're getting me wet, you dog!" - Money Bags

"We're all a bunch of goobers on this boat." - Money Bags

"Tom Ballew charges $300 for cruises." - Money Bags

"If we sunk the boat now, we'd all be the Grateful ded PeLiKans." - Bigfoot