Wednesday, March 19, 2008

der PeLiKan Work Day March 15, 2007

Although I had planned on going on the der PeLiKan workday on Saturday, I did not participate because I was run down from six months of burning my candle at both ends. But I did organize the trip by coordinating with the Friends of Sea Scouts, Maryland folks; promoting the opportunity; keeping a list of those who said they were going; composing and sending emails to them with list of things to bring/wear, directions, where to meet, etc.; creating and filing the Tour Permit; and sending out permission slips. The day of, I took a trip-related phone call at 0700, drove my Scout to meet at the parking lot at about 0745; held a brief muster; and happily sent off the crew and 2 qualified adult leaders--all of whom apparently did a great job. This was the first major function for our unit that I did not lead, and I was just the tiniest bit anxious about not being there. According to Joel David, the group "put on lots of bottom paint. We even got some on the boat besides the kids. I think your folks are well qualified to do the Amanda Grace...Everything went well and they appear to be good group of kids." Kewl. But I knew that last thing. I knew it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our Special Night

Our unit held a special meeting this evening, in honor of the donors of the Amanda Grace. Scouts lead the meeting and provided refreshments, including homemade carrot cake. The Mayor of Occoquan awarded the boat's donor with a plaque of appreciation. I made a special announcement to the group, that we won the National Capital Area Council's "Wardroom Award" for the best and most active new ship. We're in line for Ship of the Year for 2008!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Training Weekend: USS Barry

Over the weekend about half of our Scouts took the USCGA Boating Safety and Red Cross First Aid courses. The instructor was the C.O. of the local U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps unit. We got to spend the night along with the Sea Cadets aboard the USS Barry, a Vietnam-era destroyer museum ship docked at the Washington Navy Yard.

We had class all day Saturday, taking time off for lunch and dinner at the military mess hall at Andrew's AFB. We boarded the Barry around 2230, had a fire drill at 2345, lights out at 2400, reveille at 0500.

We slept overnight aboard the destroyer, in "racks" 18"x18"x72". I noticed that some sailor had kept count of his nights with hash marks on the bottom of the rack above mine, which was probably his entire tour.