Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Few Long Cruise Quotes

by Caitlín

This is usually done by Rebecca, but as she was busy for most of the time meeting the requirements for Quartermaster, I took up a bit of the slack.

"Are you tricking people into praising you for making them eat half their Oreos later?" - Cameron

"We're going to turn in a more sailing-like direction. I think...that way!" - David

"Cameron--look like a lookout!" - Caitlín

"Everybody go around a say a chore you hate and why you hate doing it." - David

I am so not having fun!" - Random whiny sailing student in Annapolis

"Show the Mates the picture of me when I was stoned." - Eric

"I know, it's so creepy, looking at ourselves." - Cameron

Caitlín: "That's so sexist it burns!"
David: "It burns like the stove you should be slaving over!"

"I'm sad because I have no emotions." - Cameron (reportedly made up when he was 6 years old)

"I tried to train my GPS--every time it talked I hit it." - David

"The [engine] blower is chicken-flavored." - Cameron

"I'd come and squish you from the other side, but that would be very bad for the steering of this boat." - David

"Oh my gosh, we stay closer to the nuns?!" - Daniel

Cameron: "Darn you people who bring us delicious food!"
Daniel: "She doesn't eat Crustations, remember?"

"YES, I want a yummy sandwich!" - Cameron

"You killed him good, but you killed him all over the ruler!" - Daniel

"Are you telling me that if you didn't wear a hat, your head would turn into a Chia Pet?" - MT Peters

"The more trash we generate, the faster we go!" - David

David: "We don't have any hot irons."
Cameron: "They're in the bathtub somewhere."

"We were just using an ocean liner as an aid to navigation; I don't think we care all that much what it is as long as it's not moving." - David

Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Cruise 2010 - Day 1

Relayed from Caitlin to Skipper via cell phone this morning:

Ship 7916 arrived at Fells Point, Baltimore, MD about 9:30am yesterday. Scouts stowed gear and provisions and prepared the boat. The crew followed instructions for the engine checks, however, someone had switched the caps for water and radiator, and so water ended up in the oil. This necessitated pumping out the oil and replacing it—a task that took about 4 hours. While our crew was sitting at dock, the wind was coming from the west, perfect for sailing. They watched “all these sailboats passing by, sailing along on nice tacks, heeled over about 20 degrees.”

With this setback, der PeLiKan left the dock at 4pm. By then, the wind had shifted to the south, so sailing to Annapolis was out of the question, so they motored the whole way. The “best part was going over wakes of 4 tankers, yelling ‘WAKE’ and bouncing up and down. It was good we had ramen for dinner because it was easy to prepare under way.”

Each scout had a chance to take positions at Nav, Helm and Lookout. They arrived in Annapolis around 9pm. Emily steered the boat into the harbor to pick up mooring ball, where David and Daniel snagged it on the first try. It was good cruising at night last night, to get a taste of it. It was pretty dark past the Bay Bridge, then another hour to the mooring in true darkness.

They decided to wait until arriving in Annapolis to change Bosun of the Day (BoD). MT Enright brought brownie bites and they ate those, looked at the stars, talked about Annapolis, then went to bed at 10:30. Sleeping on deck was quiet. “Usually we’re here later in the week, but it’s very quiet this time."

Rebecca is BoD today and woke her crew at 6 am. Evidently, it took some effort to rouse Eric. “We pulled Eric out of his sleeping bag to wake him up.”

“We’re at the row of mooring balls closest to the Naval Academy. The cadets are singing America the Beautiful and sound horrible.”

“Depending on the wind, we plan to sail in morning, hang out in Annapolis in the afternoon, and sail at night. Right now, it looks calm. Cameron and Eric are cooking pancakes and sausage for breakfast and it smells so good and I’m starving!”

Scouts wash cars to float their boat

By SHAY SEABORNE For the News & Messenger

The forecast was for rain on a recent Saturday morning, but teens from Sea Scout Ship 7916 of Occoquan didn't let a little water from the sky stop them. They gathered for a car wash fundraiser anyway.

The young men and women, ages 15-20, kept their hopes up and didn't mind getting a little wet for a good cause. Their goal was to raise money to help save the National Capitol Area Council's Sea Scout Training Vessel, der PeLiKan.

The 46-foot Morgan ketch is owned by a non-profit that operates and maintains the vessel for Sea Scouts throughout the council and beyond. The well-used and aging boat needs a new main mast, standing rigging and roller furler for the jib before it can be sailed this year. Total repair cost is estimated at $20,000.

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Schmoker coordinated the car wash because he knows first hand the value of this vessel. "A lot of ships only have small boats and der PeLiKan is forty-six feet, so [scouts] have the opportunity to work with more people on a single boat, which is great for team building and getting to know each other better," said Daniel.

A bigger boat also means youth can "take longer trips and see more of the Chesapeake, like Annapolis, St. Michaels and even take a tour the US Coast Guard station at St. Inigoes," he said.

Daniel participated in five der PeLiKan cruises in 2½ years, including two of the ship's annual "long cruises," which last about a week. Some of his favorite memories include "meeting [Sea Scouts] from New York on our first long cruise, anchoring in St. Michaels and meeting a family that lives aboard the sailboat they built, watching the Coast Guard bust some illegal crabbers at the dock in Annapolis…and the night sail during the Quarterdeck training cruise."

Ship 7916 has made the Save der PeLiKan Campaign a ship project. The scouts previously hosted a car wash in the fall, donated the proceeds of their Halloween party fund-raiser, and collected donations in their booth at the Aquia Harbour Marina's annual Marina Fest in September.

Other Sea Scout ships, as well as friends and families, have also donated to the repair fund. So have local businesses like Prince William Marina and Patriot Scuba, both in Occoquan.

The current total is just over $13,500, leaving about $6,500 to be raised in the next few weeks.

To help with the repair costs, seven young men and women from Ship 7916 washed cars for four hours under brooding clouds and occasional rain. They raised $555, some through online donations from supporters who could not attend.

One of the customers, Ella McKay, 36, drove from Springfield to have the scouts wash her car, and said, "I heard the story of…those Sea Scouts and I just had to participate to help save their boat!"

Scout parents brought snacks for the car washers and delivered pizza for lunch. Route 1 Pontiac Buick GMC provided the strategic location, as well as water for car washing and bottled water to keep the scouts hydrated. According to General Manager Mark Sable, the auto dealership regularly supports area youth groups.

Daniel's father, Dan Schmoker, a sales consultant with the car dealership, expressed pride in his son, who "could have spent a cloudy day home playing video games. Instead, he was with his shipmates working on a fund-raiser so hundreds of Scouts…can have the opportunities to sail and learn. I am amazed in the changes in my son from Sea Scouts," said Schmoker.

Rebecca Siegal, who currently serves as the unit's Boatswain, or youth leader, was in on the car wash. Her mother, Ann Cameron Siegal, also praised the Sea Scout program, saying, "What a difference two years [made] in our shy teen's life. The encouragement, guidance and opportunities she has received as a member of Sea Scout Ship 7916 and as a crew member aboard der PeLiKan, have been invaluable in helping her gain self-confidence and learn leadership skills."

Sea Scouting is a co-ed and high-adventure arm of Boy Scouts of America. Many young men and women have found their measure of success through Sea Scouting. Ship 7916 welcomes youth ages 13-21 to join them as they sail locally aboard boats owned by Woodbridge Sailing School, and for longer cruises aboard der PeLiKan.

Daniel coordinated the car wash "because it helps get der PeLiKan back in the water not only for my ship, but for all ships to enjoy. I don't think you'll find a Sea Scout who says they don't like to sail der PeLiKan. We need to get her running before a lot of peoples' summers are ruined," he said.

Tax deductible donations of all sizes are needed and appreciated and accepted by check or online via, where you can also learn more about the vessel, read a progress report and see photos.

Shay Seaborne is the skipper, or scoutmaster, of Sea Scout Ship 7916.