Friday, July 31, 2009

Library Display Case

If you live in the area you may have seen our Ship's display on Sea Scouting at Potomac Community Library during the month of July. The exhibit was intended to educate more people on the existence of Boy Scout's best-kept secret and included a PFD, a fire extinguisher and other safety equipment, examples of different knots, a dixie cup hat, a marine radio, and LOTS of photos.

If you missed it, here's a couple of photos of the display case. Click for bigger images:
Top shelf:
Middle shelf:
Bottom shelf:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long Cruise Planning Meeting Quotes

At last night's Long Cruise Planning meeting, I got a page of quotes. Thanks to David for the first quote of the night. (In order to understand it, you had to have seen him.)

"Normal Sea Scout ... ... Homeschooled Sea Scout." - David

"I don't need it at stupid Sea Scout Meetings." - Caitlin

"It's the Daddy ATM." - Mr Fucello

"The person who brought the dollar store hash is teaching FOOD?" - David

"David is doing a fashion show." - Skipper (goes along with the first quote)

"That requires having a level playing surface that doesn't sway side to side." - David

"Grease the watermelon." - Skipper

"Squirty fish." - Skipper

"Hold a bad singing voice over everyone." - David

"What is the rule about the forward head?" "It is a number one rule." - Caitlin and Ms. MacDonald

"What goes in must come out." - David

"If you get stinky, we'll dunk you." - Skipper

"If you smell, you're not getting into my van." - Mr Fucello
"She spelled 'der' wrong." - Skipper

"You don't work in your work uniform." - Skipper

"Sometimes there's an emergency and you really have to get there." - Skipper

"The head always gets clogged up with the most disgusting stuff." - Skipper