Saturday, May 7, 2011

Occoquan Yacht Club Flag Raising Ceremony

Three scouts from Ship 7916 participated on the opening ceremony for the OYC season this afternoon.

This was our ship's first time at the event and the scouts proved they were worthy of the task. The commodore invited them back for next year!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Commodore's Circle Cruise

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, Sea Scout ships 548 and 7916 hosted the Commodore's Circle Cruise for some of the most generous donors to the "Saveder PeLiKan" campaign. Four scouts and two skippers spent the weekend preparing for- and holding the event. This included bending on all three sails--including the crisp, blindingly white new main and mizzen; flushing the anti-freeze from- and refilling the vessel's two water tanks; conducting the usual system checks; scrubbing the galley; cleaning the heads; installing the commemorative brass plaque; scrubbing the deck; and preparing refreshments for the guests.

Our guests were: Dr. Rosemary Enright--Mate to Ship 7916--and her husband, Don Coulter; Carolyn Hreczuck--parent to a Ship 7916 scout--who was accompanied by her friend, Allison, since her husband is serving in Afghanistan and could not be with us.

With Ship 458 scout Brenda Renninger at the helm, der PeLiKan left the dock just after 1400, under gray skies and very light wind. Sarah Fucello, the Boatswain for Ship 7916, oversaw the duty rotation, so each scout had a turn as lookout and helmsman. Scouts Caitlin Keller and Daniel Schmoker, both of Ship 7916, were also instrumental in this event.

With scouts at the helm, der PeLiKan motored slowly around Baltimore's Inner Harbor, while guests and scouts were treated to interesting tidbits about various sights, like the Domino Sugar plant, and the collection of historic ships. The scouts then pointed the regional Sea Scout training vessel down the Patapsco River and under the Key Bridge. As it began to rain harder, the scout at the helm turned der PeLiKan around at Fort Carroll, and docked her in her slip.