Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grateful Thanks to Sister Ship 1115, Constellation

Ken Kessler, skipper of Ship 1115, took these photos today. He and his Mate, Bill Horn, went to the marina to clear snow off our Amanda Grace, and found other boats that did not fare well under the snow. The Skipper of S1115 said that the safety netting held the snow aboard A.G., so it piled up.

Amanda Grace with snow piled up, and cleaned off.

Tonight's fall on top of that might have been too much, and she could have ended up like some of the other boats on Dock F.

These boats did not fare so well. (See the mast sticking out of the water in front of the dock on the right hand picture?) The heavy snow made them list, their gunwales went under, they took on water, and, down they went!

We are very lucky to have such a conscientious sister ship!